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Industry leading EMS trainers ready to distinguish the workout that’s right for you. Whatever your goal, we welcome you to bespoke training that doesn’t compromise your busy schedule. Whether you’re looking to improve performance, master mindset or simply move better, our trainers have honed the skills to facilitate you towards success. We give you the space, attention and confidence you need to turn up your performance! So, no more second guessing, let’s begin!


Holly has been specialising in EMS training since 2017, working in London and Germany. Holding a BA (Hons) in Physical and Sport Education, Holly is incredibly passionate and experienced when it comes to creating a positive learning environment. She will help lead, manage and develop you towards becoming more active, more comfortably. Having coached and played football at a competitive level, let’s say that sport, health and fitness are in her DNA! 
Don’t let appearances deceive you! She’s small but hard core! Specialised in the art of EMS training Lynea will guide you through an intense but exhilarating workout, tailored to your fitness level, body type and goals. Staying true to her favourite motto “It never gets easier; you just get stronger” she aims to take you out of your comfort zone. Be prepared to be pushed to your limits!
Jason is hugely passionate and detailed towards each client he meets. Understanding that no individual is the same, Jason sees personal training as a marathon not a sprint. Through Jason’s personal experiences playing football in England, Spain and Mexico it has taught him to understand what it takes to perform at the elite level.
Craigs fitness journey started with martial arts including boxing, thai boxing and karate. The natural progression for Craig after competing as a boxer was to train others, so that they could get in the best shape possible. He prides himself on the experience and knowledge he has gained over the years. Craig says EMS is the ideal scenario to put everything he’s learnt into a compact effective 20 minute session.
Having achieved a BSC (Hons) in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, Adriano focusses on optimising muscle functioning and fundamentals, enabling all clients to unleash their inner athlete. Adriano will help you to achieve your maximum potential without instigating injuries.


Daniela is jovial with a creative mind, and will always welcome you with a smile and a positive attitude.If you need to book your session - she's your girl. If you fancy some nice looking photos in our Surge uniform - done. She's always happy to help our members wherever she can.
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