Terms & Conditions

Special Offer Terms & Conditions

During a promotional period, Surge may offer that clients “train for free” until a set date, dependent on the contract type purchased. This period is called the “free training period”.

A client qualifies for the promotion by purchasing a contract during the promotional period.

For the duration of the free training period, the client is able to attend their chosen EMS studio once per week only, at no charge.

At the end of the free training period, the client’s contract will commence and payments will be taken as per the standard contractual terms and conditions.

If a client cancels their contract before the end of its initial fixed membership term (3 months or 12 months), Surge reserves the right to charge for all attended promotional sessions at the prevailing single session rate as per the price list.

A charge made pursuant to clause 5, when added to the amount paid under the normal contractual terms, will not exceed the total amount payable under the contract.

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